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My first blog post EKK! All so exciting and nerve racking at the same time. Where do I start? Who’s going to read this? What do I talk about? Many thoughts have been going through my mind as I have been trying to find the right things to say. I guess I will start off by saying WELCOME to my page and hello!


My name is Jenna Totten, I am 27 years old and my roots are currently planted in a small town in Central Minnesota. I am married to a wonderful man named Aaron and am a stay at home mommy to our sweet baby Jase and fur baby Allie. After high school graduation, I ventured off to the University of Minnesota Duluth. I graduated with a Psychology degree while working full time at Grandma’s Sport Garden. If anyone has been to Duluth, they know Grandma’s is the place to eat in Canal Park and to dance on a Saturday night. Duluth will always have a special place in my heart as it holds many wonderful memories of my first adventure as an adult. Little did I know a man living 1,082 miles away, growing a business in seismic, would some day be my husband and be my next greatest (lifetime) adventure.

At the time, my roommate’s boyfriend got a job working for Aaron and those stinkers did everything in their power to hook us up. Apparently all it took was a fun night out on the town with my roommate and BOOM! Aaron and I were Facebook friends and soon to be texting, calling and Skyping at all hours of the day/night. I use to stay up when I got home from work at 4am so I could catch him before he went to work in the morning. One month after talking, us girls flew out to Pennsylvania to meet the guys and the rest is history. I remember crying all the way home, knowing that he “was the one.” He even told his friends that he was going to marry me before he even met me. I guess we both knew we were destined to be together. We were engaged within 7 months and married just over two years later.

Aaron and I spent a lot of time traveling. As we were on a business trip to Houston, Texas we decided or I should say Aaron decided, that we would buy a puppy named Allie. She was so cute, it was hard to say no but what puppy isn’t cute? A week before we were scheduled to go pick her up from the breeder, I found out I was pregnant. After going to the doctors, we figured out that my conception date was the SAME day that Allie was born! Houston, I blame you!!! Kidding of course, but we were both in shock. It’s such a strange feeling to know that soon your life will be changed forever (but for the better).

Jase 5.jpg

February 2nd, 2015, my life suddenly had a lot more meaning to it. I was a mother. No one prepares you for the overwhelming feelings when you know that baby lying in your arms in yours forever. There is no greater feeling of love. That sweet 9 ½ lb baby boy of mine was the best thing I have ever done. My pregnancy was horrible, I was sick EVERY day, I labored and pushed for hours, I just wanted him out of me! And now he is here walking and babbling around like a crazy man, ONE. Where did that first year of sleepless nights go? I am not sure but I would do it over again in a heartbeat. Everyone mentions that kids grow up fast and they were not lying about that. I wish he would just stay little forever and always want to cuddle with his mom and give me kisses. I already get sad thinking about the day that he won’t want to anymore!

where gratitude grows.jpg

Fortunately, I am able to be a stay at home mom to raise Jase. I am so grateful for everything my husband does for me and our family. Not a lot of people can afford to stay home to watch their kids grow up and I am so lucky that I get to. With my background in Psychology and my passion for helping others, I started to share my love for Young Living essential oils. One never forgets their first experience with essential oils because these little bottles of gold are absolutely amazing. While being a stay at home mom is awesome, it can sometimes get a little lonely so I decided I really wanted to continue helping others by creating this blog. I created Where Gratitude Grows so I can share my personal experience with essential oils & DIY recipes. Since I first found out I was pregnant I began to research about all the nasty chemicals that we touch every day without even knowing it. It really started to bother me so I started making my own EVERYTHING. I hope this blog finds you when you need a little extra push to make that first step to live a healthier lifestyle or a smile or even if you need some healthy vibes thrown your way! Thank you for joining me on my journey to health, happiness & natural living!

8474926462_7360c4645a_o.jpgFor more information on essential oils, please check out my website: www.jennatotten.com

If you have any questions please let me know!

2 thoughts on “About Me!

  1. Jenna: Just read your first blog and I can feel the gratitude between each line of text. You seem like an awesome mother and wife, and even more so for wanting to protect your family from the unhealthy aspects of everyday life. I look forward to reading your blog and trying your YL essential oil recipes.


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