Pain Cream Recipe

Pain, pain, pain! Lately my back feels like it is about to break! Maybe it’s because I have been working out more heavily trying to lose some of this postpartum baby weight I am still carrying around or the fact that I just weighed my little munchkin today and he is 29lbs. He is a mommy’s boy so if I am doing anything that is not at his eye level, he wants to be held. His new favorite thing is to point at things that he wants or point where he wants to go and I feel like half of his game has to take place when he is in my arms. Today I am sharing with you my favorite natural recipe for pain. It is so easy to make! My husband swears by this cream to help his fingers not feel so stiff. He has me massage it on his hands every night before bed and occasionally I have to rub it on his back, elbows, and knees. He wishes I would rub it on his feet but I’m not a big fan of giving feet rubs unless I am getting mine rubbed in return!


For this recipe you’ll need:

*1 glass container

*10 drops of each Young Living oil: PanAway, Peppermint, Valor, Lemongrass & Copaiba

*1/4 cup coconut oil

*Some type of kitchen mixer for a soft cream OR heat source for a hard rub

Pain Cream Recipe.jpg

Quick Steps:

  • Add ¼ cup of coconut oil in a glass mixing bowl
  • Use a kitchen mixer to soften the coconut oil. I use my Kitchen Aid mixer because I like my cream to be soft and easy to apply. If you don’t have a Kitchen Aid or hand mixer, you can still make the cream it just will be a little harder to apply and you’ll have to heat the coconut oil up by using a double boil method. You just need to warm the coconut oil up enough to make it into a liquid form, no need to overheat or boil.
  • Once your coconut oil is prepared to your liking, add 10 drops of each oil.
  • Mix! Mix! Mix!
  • Put mixture into glass jar
  • Enjoy for all your pain needs!


Easy peasy! I recommend trying to keep this is a cool place. When coconut oil is warmer than 75 degrees or so, it tends to liquefy. It always seems to surprise me when we are camping on a hot summer day and I open and spill the jar all over me! You think I would be use to it now. I hope you enjoy this all natural recipe!

Once you make your own pain cream, you’ll have to let me know what you think! How do you use your pain cream?

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