I received Jase’s one year old pictures in the mail this week and I just had to share them. Let’s just say, he was not impressed to take these. He’s so busy that it was hard to get him to even sit still for more than 2 seconds. I was sweating 10 minutes into it from chasing him around the studio. I’m sure other mothers can agree with me, when they are this age the don’t do anything that they don’t want to do. The world is too new still and exploring (and tasting everything) is way more fun. When Jase was 10 days old we had newborn photos taken. We were there for almost 3 1/2 hours and he slept for the first 3 of them. It wasn’t until she wanted a few photos of Jase and I that he woke up! Probably because he smelt me and his milk. Let’s face it, I was a mess and still recuperating from his birth and the sleepless week I just endured. I probably reeked of baby throw up!!! At 8 months, we went back and took other photos outside and he loves being outside so he was so good at just sitting in whatever position we put him in. Now at a year, he never stops. My point is, he is growing up way too fast for my liking. He has been so sweet the last week and coming up to me and cuddling with me on the couch. He use to do this all the time and we did a lot of cuddling in the middle of the night (he didn’t sleep through the night until was almost one!) and in this last month and a half it seemed like he was over cuddling with his mom. I’m hoping it was just a phase because I just love his snuggles. I know he won’t want his mom forever (dad is becoming a lot cooler these days..), so I will soak it up every chance I get.

jas1Yo_1995.jpgjas1Yo_2038.jpgjas1Yo_2143 (1).jpg

So here’s a photo of him “not impressed.” HAHA! I can only imagine what he’s thinking..probably something on the lines of “Mom, your peek a boo is not funny anymore” or “Why don’t I have a shirt on?” or “I’m never doing this again.”


And of course his mommy’s boy photos.


jas1Yo_2140bw (1).jpg

I hope everyone has a great weekend and you’re able to spend it with your love ones. I am so lucky I get to spend it with mine.



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