Smelling Freely

“The faculty or power of perceiving odors or scents by means of the organs in the nose,” is one of the many definitions of the word smell. Can you imagine life without being able to smell fresh flowers, your favorite meal, the ocean or even the smell of rain? So then why are we so mean to our sense of smell?

Last week I walked into a store and was immediately taken back on how strong smelling the store was. It smelt like it was filled with one million different types of candles and this was not a candle store. It gave me an instant headache! It was so strong and overpowering that I instantly thought, “what chemicals am I inhaling?” I know we have all been there. Whether it was a candle, perfume, bleach or cleaning supply smell, we all have been taken back from a smell at sometime in our lives.

Before I started using essential oils, I burned candles in my house almost daily, had chemical filled “plug ins” in every room, and sprayed on my perfume like I was a goddess going out on the town. Because I enjoyed these smells, I almost thought they were good for me. Did you know that synthetic air fresheners & candles are known to cause cancer or cause reproductive harm? They contain nasty hormone disrupting phthalates that can do some serious damage to our bodies and especially to young, developing children. All because we buy them because we think they smell good. Most people don’t put odor in a healthy or non-health category but there is definitely a non-healthy category. Did anyone else see the news clip last month of the new mother on maternity leave and her obsession with candles? After a week of burning candles, she started to notice that when she blew her nose, everything coming out was black. After doing some investigation, she realized that the inside of her baby’s nose was black too. She later figured out that it was from the candle’s soot. All I kept thinking about was how many toxins and chemicals this new mom and baby filled their bodies with and I felt horrible for them. I get it, I use to be guilty of doing things like this too but I just got to a point in my life that enough was enough. I don’t want to be a story in the news. I don’t want to die of cancer at a young age. I don’t want my child to develop allergies from breathing in chemicals every day. I want our home to be healthy place and mostly, I want our family to be healthy. I know I can’t control the outside world or air pollution for that matter but what I do know is that I can control my home.

Cancer is lurking everywhere these days and at some point we all might run into it head on but the main questions is, do you want to do everything is your power to protect yourself inside your home? After I did my research, the first thing I did was to detoxify my home of any synthetic smell. Candles, wax cubes & burners, wall plug-ins, all of it is gone or thrown away. I also got rid of my harsh chemical cleaning products and switch to a great alternative Thieves Household cleaner (plus in time it’s cheaper than any nasty chemical filled bottle you buy at the store and it lasts forever!!). I dried my clothes with drier balls (scented with essential oils of course) instead of drier sheets. I stopped wearing perfume and used my favorite essential oil of the week or mixed my own pure scent. You wouldn’t believe how freeing it is and how much better I can smell now. I started to be able to smell the difference between synthetic smells and real smells and it was amazing. Did anyone else have this effect? I smell everything!!! I challenge you to detoxify your home, you’ll be so glad you did. I know sometimes it can seem overwhelming, but start small. Make one change a week if you need too (It can be as simple as switching to a natural deodorant or even throwing your drier sheets away).

If you have any questions on my home detox journey, please comment below and I will answer your questions!


Here’s a fresh scent diffuser recipe for you to enjoy!

so fresh, so clean Diffuser Recipe insta.jpg

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