Oil of the Week: Lavender


This versatile oil is often referred to as the “Swiss Army Knife of essential oils,” because Lavender is an adaptogen, which means that it adapts to your needs and aids your body during periods of stress and irritation. It’s most commonly used for relaxation and to support healing of the skin.

Here are a few ways I use Lavender in my house:

SEASONAL SUPPORT: This oil has been particularly helpful to me in supporting my body’s natural defense in spring and summer months. I often add two drops Lavender, 2 drops Peppermint & 2 drops of Lemon to a vegetable capsule and take daily to help my itchy eyes & running nose ease the burden of pollen. (View this post for more info on seasonal support!)

CALMING & RELAXATION: It is AMAZING for relaxation and is perfect to use before bedtime. Smelling Lavender promotes calming of the mind and body so I love to diffuse Lavender in our rooms at night or use a DIY Lavender linen spray on our bed sheets.(DIY Linen Spray Recipe)

SKIN SUPPORT: Lavender is incredible soothing on skin irritation and supports skin health. Adult acne sometimes gets the best of me, so I tend to add a little Lavender to my face moisturizer during those times of the month. I am also very clumsy so I use Lavender to sooth burns from cooking or the curling iron to take the edge off the sting or use it to sooth and clean any scraps or cuts my son or I get. I also love using Lavender lip balm to protect my lips from the sun and sooth any lip blisters I get from it. (Body Butter Recipe)

HEALTHY HAIR: By adding 1 drop of Lavender to your mascara you can promote healthy eyelashes. I also love to add an extra drop or two to my shampoo! (Dry Shampoo Recipe or Repunzel Spray)

COOKING & DRINKING: Lavender Vitality Oil is fun to add to sugar cookies or icing and gives the flavor that “something special” taste! I also enjoy making Lavender Lemonade for a festive summertime drink. (Lavender Lemonade Recipe)

This is the number one essential oil I could NOT live without. If you have not tried Young Living’s Lavender essential oil and have been using other brands of lavender oil, you will be blown away from the difference. First you will notice that the smell is different and then you’ll quickly see the therapeutic benefits that you will receive from this oil. Please visit www.jennatotten.com for more essential oil information.


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